Iran Protests

  • 30 Arrested in Protest in Iran

    By Jubin Katiraie

    Thirty people, including several university students, have been arrested during the vigils and protests in Iran over the shooting down of a Ukrainian plane last week that killed all 176 people on board, according to the judiciary representative Gholamhossein Esmaili.

  • Deaths Under Torture for Arrested Iran Protesters

    By Jubin Katiraie

    As more news comes out about the crackdown on the Iranian uprising, were hearing of horrific crimes against humanity being committed, including deaths under torture. 

  • Deliberate Lies Raise Iranians' Wrath Against Rulers

    By Pooya Stone

    After several days, the Iranian government was compelled to admit that the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) anti-aircraft system shot down a Ukrainian passenger airliner that crashed north of Tehran on Wednesday.

  • Iran Regime to Fall in February

    By Jubin Katiraie

    Every February, the Iranian regime hosts rallies to celebrate the date the mullahs took power in 1979 and to try and present themselves to the rest of the world as a stable regional power beloved by its people.

  • Iran, Despite Crackdown the “Resistance Units” Continue the Uprising

    Despite a bloody crackdown on the protesters in Iran, the resistance units of Iran’s main opposing group the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK) continue their activities in major cities in Iran.

  • Iran: Second Wave of Protests Sweeps the Country

    By Pooya Stone

    As expected, the Iranian uprising that sparked on November 15 is once again restored in the capital Tehran. However, this time it was ignited by the catastrophic crash of the Ukrainian civil airliner that left all 176 innocent passengers and crew dead.

  • Iran's Judges Demand Bribes for Protesters’ Release 

    By Jubin Katiraie

    It has been revealed that two Revolutionary Court judges in Iran have been extorting protesters arrested during the November uprising, asking for large bribes in exchange for their freedom. 

  • Iran’s New Internet Crackdown

    By Jubin Katiraie

    Just days after partially restoring internetaccess to the Iranian people, following a week-long shutdown, the Iranian authorities have a new plan to further limit internet access because they fear the eruption of more popular protests.

  • Iranian Regime’s Officials Acknowledge the Mass Killings of Protesters

    By Pooya Stone

    One after another, Iranian officials acknowledge that their security forces shot and killed innocent people during the bloody crackdown on recent protests.

  • Iranian Students Protest on 40th Day of Ukrainian Airliner Crash

    By Pooya Stone

    On February 16, students of Amir Kabir University in the Iranian capital Tehran gathered in protest to the government’s bloody crackdown on protesters in November 2019.

  • Like Gasoline Prices, Iran's Government Is Expected to Hike the Liquefied Gas Prices

    By Pooya Stone

    On November 15, the impoverished people of Iran began protests against the gasoline price hikes across dozens of provinces. The protests that initially targeted the supreme leader Ali Khamenei were dealt a violent response by the oppressive apparatus

  • Several Protests in Iran Over the Weekend 

    By Jubin Katiraie

    On Monday, Yazd University students began a peaceful protest over the poor quality and hygiene of food at the university’s dormitory, which has caused many students to suffer digestive problems. After collecting their food, the students laid their food trays on the floor. 

  • What Makes the Recent Iranian Protests Different from Previous Rounds?

    By Pooya Stone

    After the Iranian government mercilessly cracked down on protesters, the main question is, did officials truly achieve a “victory” as they try to persuade the people and the world? Could they permanently defeat the protests and their motives? Or, is the Iranian government still faced with a serious threat?

  • Who Is Responsible for Iran’s protests?

    By Pooya Stone

    Around two weeks pass from the gas prices hikes in Iran which flamed nationwide protests across the country. As always, the government responded to the people's rightful grievances with an iron fist. The security forces made a total bloodbath in different cities and towns by killing more than 450 protesters and wounding thousands.

  • Why Are the European Press Ignoring the Iran Protests?

    By Jubin Katiraie

    With over 1,000 Iranian protesters reported dead at the hands of the state’s security apparatus in less than two weeks, another 4,000 wounded, and over 12,000 arrested and facing the death penalty, why is the nationwide uprising that has spread to 187 Iranian cities getting barely any coverage in European media? 

  • Why Iranian Protesters Are Setting Banks on Fire

    By Pooya Stone

    During recent protests in Iran, protesters time and again targeted banks and financial institutes and set them ablaze. However, there is a question of why are the Iranian people torching these centers? And eventually, aren't people supposed to answer their economic grievances through these financial systems?

  • Women Suffer in Crackdown on Iran Protests

    By Jubin Katiraie

    During the nationwide Iran protests that shook the country last November, 400 female protesters were killed because they advocated for freedom and democracy. That’s almost a third of the protesters killed overall. They also make up a significant number of the 12,000 arrested and 4,000 wounded during the uprising

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